About us

Formed in 1997, we have worked with a portfolio of blue-chip clients, both in the UK and abroad. We have operated throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America, designing and building experience-based presentations. We are adept at quickly grasping your criteria and aims, saving you considerable time. We employ skilled and experienced people, who know and understand your specific requirements and can offer a superior service to complement your marketing objectives.

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Working together

We believe in adding value at every opportunity. and have formed close relationships with many associates, allowing us to offer a full turnkey operation as a supplier partner with a complete appreciation for the project to deliver.

To save on resources, including time and the environment, wherever possible we look to utilise existing components held in stock to ensure expenses are kept to a minimum, drawing upon a flexible approach aimed at reducing costs and complexities. This applies across all projects undertaken.

Simply brief us on your objectives, your cost considerations and your specific criteria. We will then prepare a response, which can range from drawings, black-and-white isometric visuals, full-colour CAD visuals through to a video fly-through depending on your requirement.

+ Independent Design Services

+ Graphic Design

+ Storage Distribution Centres

+ Lighting, sound and theatrical expertise

+ Overseas Movement of Displays

Project management and safety expertise

Where needed, we are prepared to become an extension of your events and marketing team, up to and including project management. As experienced exhibitions and events professionals, we can oversee all aspects of the project.

This guarantees you immediate access to a dedicated team, who will rapidly become familiar with your organisation and requirements, or those of your client’s. PDQ personnel have worked worldwide for many years across many industries, gaining experience in a wide variety of disciplines.

We are able to act as Principal Designers if requested to meet the recent (April 2015) Law change bringing Construction (Design and Management) 2015 regulations into the exhibitions and events industry.

Our experience with the CDM regs and our ISP accreditations in the areas of (ISO 9001) Quality Management, (ISO 14001) Environmental Management and (ISO 20121) Event Sustainability Management systems along with our (OHAS 18001) Occupational Health and Safety systems mean that PDQ Exhibitions are among the leaders in our industry.


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